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PostPosted: Sun Dec 24, 2017 9:24 am 
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Well what a load of old rubbish that was, and if you didn’t go, that’s on a par with some of the dross we have served up so far, this season, and once again had the nerve to label it football.

There were just two reasons the scoreline was not any worse, the Chuks goal which was a replica of his goal at Hyde, and Nicholls pulling off save after save to stop a bloody poor Rotherham side knocking us into the middle of next year.

A football spectacle this was not, and as I was making my way out of the ground, I wondered how any Dons fan could applaud the efforts of the clear majority of players, that basically were not fit to wear the shirt.

Lord alone knows what’s wrong with this team, but one thing is clear, whether its motivational or tactical Neilson has no clue how to stop this rot.

Anybody throwing the need to gel argument on the on table is in honesty deluded, its been a year, and nothing has changed, we are in exactly the same place that Robinson left us, and I don’t need to remind you the vast majority were calling for Robbo’s head viewing the situation we are in today.

I just wonder how much longer the rose spectacled wearers are prepared to give him, they have set timelines to judge, most have past, and it’s no better.......what’s next..........oh yeah.........I’ll give him till the end of the transfer window.

I can’t be arsed to write anymore, if it gets any worse Winkie might have to make another video.................................keep sucking it up.

Looking at the APL, we had about 45 people predicting, and out of those we had 15 getting amongst the points, several got the scoreline correct and earn themselves 5 points, 7 people also predicted the Chuks opening goal and get 10 points, but just one got it spot on and earn themselves 15 points, so well done to Oldfarmdons, who also earns a mention in the APL Hall of Fame.

There were 100 points won in this game, and the current league table can be found below.

The Plymouth thread is already rolling along, so if you haven’t done it already, nip along and make your prediction, the Peterborough thread will be going live shortly.

That’s it, don’t forget your free Winkie lolly in the club shop, roll the credits, play the EastEnders music.

Yuletide Greetings

8-) WellDon

The APL Hall of Fame
3 – MK59DON
2 – Southstander, Camdenite, Blodwyn
1 – BertieWoostersDonsClub, mkdonsdan4, BuzzardDon, kempstondons6, ChaChaDon, Dazzerdon, epdon, Kowalski, Grundit, Sparky, Bloxham Don, Just A Don, Woburn, Scribble, Peterr, Greg, APMKDon, Steampunk Don, Oldfarmdons.

APL League Table 2017/18
87 POINTS – Southstander, SG19 Cowshed das Boot
82 POINTS – Camdenite, Scribble
81 POINTS – SteelbackDon
77 POINTS - Nobbydon
74 POINTS – Sparky
62 POINTS – kempstondons6, Bill
60 POINTS – Bloxham Don
57 POINTS - Woburn
55 POINTS – Just A Don
52 POINTS – epdon
51 POINTS - FilthyDon
50 POINTS - mightydons
49 POINTS – familymkdonsfan, Blodwyn
43 POINTS - Greg
42 POINTS – OldStratfordDon, silverous
41 POINTS – Oldfarmdons
40 POINTS – BertieWoostersDonsClub, chrisdon
39 POINTS – donnette, ChaChaDon
38 POINTS – Dons50
32 POINTS – Don gal
31 POINTS – DBDON, Oldbloke
30 POINTS – Bex’s Dad, edmundpwb
29 POINTS – Fraser, mkdonsdan4, Bearhidesboy64
28 POINTS – Dazzerdon, DonsDuck
27 POINTS – Dunstable Don, WellDon
26 POINTS – Kowalski
25 POINTS - Concretecowbelle
24 POINTS – BuzzardDon, Oldbloke, TomMac&Ernie
23 POINTS – Grundit, Steampunk Don, OakeeDokee, RussybCool, Third Team Lucky
22 POINTS – Peterr
20 POINTS – leodon
16 POINTS – JackDon
15 POINTS – Matthew
14 POINTS – Scumarmy
11 POINTS – Locutus
10 POINTS – Croydon, donmentor
9 POINTS – yorkie, MBenn90455, MKAylesburyDon, Zippy
8 POINTS – Cheffy1, Alby
7 POINTS – ExtraTime, MKBuffalo
6 POINTS – Dad_of_A _Don
4 POINTS – Zameen, Ten-Don, Adebayo Akinfenwa
2 POINTS – BetterCallSaul, DippyDon, Abritt 6564

The APL voted Thread of the Year 2017 in the TCR Awards.

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