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PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:25 pm 
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I’ve just about given up second guessing this team, just when you think the light is shining that little bit brighter at the end of the tunnel after the hard fought second half at Charlton on Saturday, they throw in this load of old garbage, yes I know we drew, but how, lets face it we should have been stuffed, Southend were far the better team, and without a bit of luck, and a good display by Nicholls they would have won comfortably........yes, yes, I know that’s football.

I don’t really want RN out, I just want to go and watch a game of football that isn’t so bloody turgid to the degree you question your sanity at what the hell you are doing paying good dosh to watch.

I know we are undefeated this month in 5 games, but is anyone really enjoying it, its painful to watch, I just haven’t got a clue what the hell is going on half the time it is such desperate viewing.

In games lately, we just don’t seem to turn up in the first half, are they getting over a hefty pre-match meal or something, or is it part of the RN game plan to bore everyone to death so they don’t witness the dross served up.

I know there are many amongst us that have differing views, but you must admit this sort of football will not get the turnstiles spinning, its sucking the life out of every one of us.

Just to clarify we are not going to get relegated, forget that, but some big changes are needed somewhere if we are going to reach the RN target of the playoffs, what I don’t know, but if I had to start somewhere Id say the midfield is the problem.

Still we go again on Saturday and hope that we can get three points at Donny, convincingly would be nice.

Ok looking at the APL for this game, we had 42 predictors which is pretty good for midweek, 18 people got amongst the points, with 13 of those joining the Agard love-in and predicting him to get the Dons goal, they all get 10 points, but Steampunk Don took it one better and teamed it up with the correct score and gets 15 points plus inclusion into the APL Hall of Fame.

Several others got the correct score (5 points), the others predicted the wrong score draw and get 2 points.

There were 154 points scored in this game.

The table is below, and don’t forget the Donny game is a DOUBLE BUBBLE GAME, all points won will be doubled.

Link to the Donny thread: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=440

See you at Donny

8-) WellDon

APL Hall of Fame
3 – MK59DON
2 – Southstander, Camdenite, Blodwyn
1 – mkdonsdan4, BuzzardDon, kempstondons6, ChaChaDon, Dazzerdon, epdon, Kowalski, Grundit, Sparky, Bloxham Don, Just A Don, Woburn, Scribble, Peterr, Greg, APMKDon, Steampunk Don

APL League Table 2017/18
65 POINTS – Southstander
58 POINTS – Bloxham Don
57 POINTS - Camdenite
55 POINTS – SG19 Cowshed das Boot
54 POINTS - Sparky
52 POINTS – kempstondons6, epdon, Bill
50 POINTS - Scribble
49 POINTS - familymkdonsfan
47 POINTS – Woburn, Nobbydon
42 POINTS – OldStratfordDon
41 POINTS – Steelback Don
40 POINTS – FilthyDon, mightydons
39 POINTS - Blodwyn
37 POINTS – Greg, ChaChaDon
35 POINTS – Just A Don
30 POINTS – Bex’s Dad
28 POINTS – Dons50, Dazzerdon
27 POINTS – Dunstable Don, Bearhidesboy64, Don gal
26 POINTS – Kowalski
24 POINTS – BuzzardDon, donnette, Oldbloke
23 POINTS – Grundit, Steampunk Don
22 POINTS – WellDon, Peterr
21 POINTS – Third Team Lucky
20 POINTS - Silverous
19 POINTS – Fraser, mkdonsdan4
18 POINTS – DonsDuck, edmundpwb
16 POINTS – TomMac&Ernie, JackDon
15 POINTS - Matthew
14 POINTS – Scumarmy
13 POINTS – RussybCool, Concretecowbelle
11 POINTS – Locutus
10 POINTS – Croydon, leodon, chrisdon
9 POINTS – yorkie, MBenn90455, MKAylesburyDon, Zippy
8 POINTS – Cheffy1
7 POINTS – ExtraTime, MKBuffalo, OakeeDokee
6 POINTS – Dad_of_A _Don, Oldfarmdons
5 POINTS - BertieWoostersDonsClub
4 POINTS – Zameen, Ten-Don, Adebayo Akinfenwa, Alby
2 POINTS – BetterCallSaul, DippyDon, Abritt 6564

The APL voted Thread of the Year 2017 in the TCR Awards.

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