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PostPosted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:50 am 
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I can’t have been the only one that feared the worst at half time, how we were just 1-0 was a mystery, they didn’t really batter us as such, but they were way the better side, and you just felt it was a matter of time before a lifeless Dons team rolled over and just died, in honesty, we were terrible, and anyone that can take anything from that first half as a positive, must be taking mind altering drugs.

It was as bad as it gets, Nicholls called for the ball from a corner and never got there, and it was probably just about his first error leading to a goal this season. Gilbey and Upson tackled each other in the middle of the park, and both made so many poor passes or were just not in it as the Charlton midfield were given the freedom to roam, and whilst about the Charlton midfield, how hard was Reeves and Forster-Caskey trying to get Upson sent off.

Meanwhile Landell and Wootton struggled embarrassingly with the power and speed of Magennis, Wootton at one stage just dropping off him as he just couldn’t cope with him, and Landell was made to look pedestrian on numerous occasions.................who said Lewie was slow, I think he could give Landell 5 yards start and catch him on the edge of the 6-yard box......FFS is it possible to run that slow?

Fast forward to the introduction of Agard, McGrandles and the already much loved by the Dons faithful Nesbitt. Instantly and remarkably we looked a different side, from hardly being able to string two passes together, everyone looked like they wanted it, we recycled the ball, hunted their players down in packs and Charlton were on the ropes. A crunching tackle on Reeves in the centre by Chuks (I think), a few neat passes, a cross in from Golbourne and the previously blank firing Agard rose like a salmon above a six foot plus centre half to head the ball beautifully past the stranded Amos to send the previously quiet Dons fans into mayhem.

With the travelling 602 now in full voice the team poured forward, and just moments later were unlucky not to be in front as Chuks overpowered their defence and send a one on one agonisingly wide of the post. The once so comfortable Charlton were in tatters, Robinson on the touch line previously strutting like a proud peacock, was now crying like a baby to the 4th where have I seen that before?

As the minutes ticked away, sadly Golbourne stuck a cross past Nicholls to give Charlton the lead, and once again Robinson was in party mode, but the best was still to come, and with some Dons fans slowly walking out, Pawlett was tripped in the box and Agard who was by now brimming with confidence took the ball out of Pawlett’s hands and sent Amos the wrong way......more mayhem!

Was it a fair result, well who cares, on the balance of clear chances yes, on the balance of play, probably not, but I’m happy, if you had offered me the draw before the game I would have taken it.

So, we go home happy and Robinson once again goes into default setting and blames everything on the officials, and yes Karl it was a penalty as a frame by frame view shows that Pawlett clearly gets caught, I may be guessing, but if this had been in our penalty area you would have wanted a suck it up fatman.

In summary, if we play like we did in the first half, we are destined for more heart wrenching crap, if we play like we did in the second half, the playoffs are a real possibility, but which team will turn up on Tuesday, will Agard be like a man possessed, will Nesbitt start.... because he surely should.

And this week’s finally, it was good to see the whole team, plus Mr Monotone applaud the travelling fans at the end of the game, unity at last.

Looking at the APL this week, those that kept faith with Agard are finally repaid, and I’m thinking we are doubtless going to see a few more predictions for him in the coming weeks.

There were 45 predictions this week, so slightly up again on previous games, and there were 18 of you that got amongst the points. 5 people selected Agard and get 10 points, 1 of those also predicted a draw but not 2-2 so get 12 points, but top of the class this week is APMKDon who got it 100% correct whilst adding “Surely he must score sooner or later “, and gets 15 points, plus an inclusion in the APL Hall of Fame, one other got the score correct and gets 5 points, the remainder predicting a draw with the incorrect scoreline to get two points.

There were 86 points scored for this game, and the new table is below.

The Southend thread is out there ready for you to make your prediction.


HEADS UP – The Doncaster game is a DOUBLE BUBBLE GAME, all points scored for this game will be doubled.

See you Tuesday.

8-) WellDon

APL Hall of Fame
3 – MK59DON
2 – Southstander, Camdenite, Blodwyn
1 – mkdonsdan4, BuzzardDon, kempstondons6, ChaChaDon, Dazzerdon, epdon, Kowalski, Grundit, Sparky, Bloxham Don, Just A Don, Woburn, Scribble, Peterr, Greg, APMKDon

APL League Table 2017/18
57 POINTS - Camdenite
55 POINTS – Southstander, SG19 Cowshed das Boot
52 POINTS – kempstondons6
50 POINTS - Scribble
49 POINTS - familymkdonsfan
48 POINTS – Bloxham Don
47 POINTS – Woburn, Nobbydon
44 POINTS - Sparky
42 POINTS – epdon, OldStratfordDon, Bill
40 POINTS – FilthyDon, mightydons
37 POINTS – Greg, Blodwyn
35 POINTS – Just A Don
32 POINTS – ChaChaDon
31 POINTS – Steelback Don
30 POINTS – Bex’s Dad
28 POINTS – Dons50, Dazzerdon
27 POINTS – Dunstable Don
26 POINTS – Kowalski
24 POINTS – BuzzardDon
23 POINTS – Grundit
22 POINTS – WellDon, Don gal
21 POINTS – Third Team Lucky, DBDON
19 POINTS – Fraser, mkdonsdan4
18 POINTS – DonsDuck, edmundpwb
17 POINTS – Bearhidesboy64
16 POINTS – TomMac&Ernie, JackDon
15 POINTS - Matthew
14 POINTS – Scumarmy, donnette, Oldbloke
13 POINTS – RussybCool
12 POINTS – Peterr
11 POINTS – Locutus, Concretecowbelle
10 POINTS – Croydon, leodon, silverous, chrisdon
9 POINTS – yorkie, MBenn90455, MKAylesburyDon, Zippy
8 POINTS – Cheffy1, Steampunk Don
7 POINTS – ExtraTime, MKBuffalo, OakeeDokee
6 POINTS – Dad_of_A _Don, Oldfarmdons
4 POINTS – Zameen, Ten-Don, Adebayo Akinfenwa, Alby
2 POINTS – BetterCallSaul, DippyDon, Abritt 6564

The APL voted Thread of the Year 2017 in the TCR Awards.

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